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Sept 2018 Documentary Short Film for Orbis Hong Kong
暨 慈善原創音樂會

Original Score
Director: Brutus Chan

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Apr 2018 "Bloody Friday" 《血色星期五》
 Additional Music
Director: Chan Khan

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Mar 2018 "You've Been In My Mind"
Short Film

Additional Music
Director: Justin Park 

June 2016 "Wizz-eye Gummy" 「眼精靈軟糖」TVC
Original Score
Client: Vita Green 維特健靈
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Apr-July 2016 Winter Bagels EP
(Pop music Production)

Producer, Song-writer, 
Arranger and Programmer
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Oct-Nov 2015 “Heptahedron” 七天七夜|一缺城市誦曲 (Theatre)
Arrnanger ("Fifth Day" 《荒村誌》)
Actress ("Second Night" 《甜美生活》)
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June 2015 “Decade Reconstructed” 《再建拾·年》

Composer and Performer 
Organised by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and West Kowloon Cultural District
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June 2015 New Generation 《音樂新一代》 2015
(Concert Music)

Finalist of Composition Contest
Organised by
Hong Kong Composers' Guild & RTHK 4
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7 Sept 2018 Billboard Radio China
20180907_Billboard Radio interview 6.jpe
7 July 2017 Berklee College Of Music
Berkee News on AIR Studios Reocrdng Session
July 2016 Commercial Radio HK Interview with Winter Bagels
Interviewed by DJs of CR881 with Winter Bagels
May 2016 "HK01" Weekly, 女生月刊
May 2016 "HK01" Weekly, 女生月刊
Sept-Dec 2015 Issue 78 CASHFLOW Magazine
News about New Generation 2015 on CASHFLOW